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Анализатор за измерване на ел. излъчвания SPECTRAN

Каталожен номер: 363-2323-208

Анализатор за измерване на ел. излъчвания SPECTRAN


Продуктите от серията SPECTRAN са спектрални анализатори за измерване на електромагнитни излъчвания в ефир и по кабел. Може да се използват, както за лабораторни цели, така и за откриване на радио микрофони, wireless, wi-fi, Bluetooth, dect и други устройства, позволяващи подслушване.  

HighEnd EMC Spectrum Analyzer up to 9,4GHz with ultra-high sensitivity. Perfect for Pre-Compliance test, optional TCXO time base etc. WORLD RECORD in handheld analyzer sensitivity down to -170dBm (Hz). Supports up to +40dBm RF input power to meet any Pre-Compliance measurement.

Vastly enhanced feature set with significantly faster sample time, more dynamic range, better IP3, reduced phase noise, greater demodulation bandwidth and improved LCD display compared to the previous V3 series. The V4 flagship HF-60100 V4 is suitable for Pre-Compliance and EMC/EMI tests. Its incredibly high -170dBm sensitivity (1Hz @ 5.555GHz with preamp) sets it worlds apart from even its most current and extremely expensive competitors.

Detect sources of interference, find out more about their causes, determine the frequency and intensity of the signal sources, measure limits and boost the functionality by using our high-end PC software.

All SPECTRAN units offer a USB interface with real-time remote control to your PC or MAC. The free analyzer software, which is available for MAC OS, Linux and Windows, transforms any SPECTRAN in a powerful measurement solution with great features (e.g. recording, multiple window display, histogram, waterfall diagram, unlimited number of markers, enhanced limits display etc.).

All SPECTRAN units offer a powerful limits display. Just push the limits button at our Spectrum Analyzer and the high-performance Digital Signal Processor (DSP) of the SPECTRAN constantly calculates the limits and displays the results in real-time.

Each SPECTRAN already includes a free EMC directional antenna which covers a wide frequency range. In addition there are a lot of optional antennas especially for pre compliance and EMC/EMI tests. Those offers a much higher frequency range and more gain (especially in the frequency range below 700MHz).

All SPECTRAN units can be equipped with various options which highly expand the functionality.

Main competitive advantages

•WORLD RECORD in hand-held sensitivity

•Exposure limit calculation and display according to DIN/VDE 0848

•Up to 100x faster sample time as V3 units

•Up to 80dB higher sensitivity as V3 units

•Low noise preamplifier (option)

•GSM training sequence (color code) tracker

•On screen Provider Display (Option)

•14Bit Dual-ADC

•DDC Hardware-Filter


•Data Logger (64K), expandable to 1MB (Option 001)

•Enhanced and much sharper LCD display (compared to V3 units)

•Simultaneously displays frequency and signal strength

•Real-time remote control via USB

•Large, high resolution multifunction LCD

•Vector (I/Q) measurement

•DECT & TimeSlot analyzer

•Real-time Peak Power Detector (option)

•Hold function

•Included EMC directional antenna HyperLOG 60100

•Free MAC OS, Linux and Windows software

Technical data:

•Frequency range: 1MHz to 9,4GHz

•DANL: -155dBm(1Hz)

•DANL with Preamp: -170dBm(1Hz)

•Max. power: +20dBm (opt. +40dBm)

•Lowest sample time: 1mS

•Resolution (RBW): 200Hz to 50MHz

•EMC filter: 200Hz, 9kHz, 120kHz, 200kHz, 1,5MHz, 5MHz

•Units: dBm, dBµV, V/m, A/m, W/m²

(dBµV/m, W/cm² etc. via PC software)

•Detectors: RMS, Min/Max

•Demodulator: AM, FM, PM, GSM

•Input: 50 Ohm SMA RF-input (f)

•Accuracy: +/- 1dB (typ.)

•Interface: USB 2.0/1.1

•Dimensions (L/W/D): 250x86x27 mm

•Weight: 430gr 

•Warranty: 10 years 

Included in delivery

•EMC Spectrum Analyzer HF-60100 V4

•HyperLOG 60100 EMC measurement antenna

•Pistol grip with mini tripod function

•1m SMA cable

•SMA adapter (m/m)

•SMA tool

•SPECTRAN 1300mAh rechargeable battery (integrated)

•Battery charger and power supply incl. international adapter set

•Large aluminum carrying case with foam protection

•Detailed English manual (on CD)

•Analyzer software for MAC OS, Linux and Windows (on CD)

Цена: 1898 евро

•Това е цена за базов модел, в зависимост от различните функционалности, които могат да бъдат добавени, цената може да се увеличи.


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Мобилен: 0878 478 285

Каталожен номер: 363-2323-208

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Анализатор за измерване на ел. излъчвания SPECTRAN

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